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  • Izzie Koh

Is influencer marketing work? 5 Tips to collab with influencers.

First of all, I think influencer marketing is useful, but you have to pick the right influencer. You don’t casually browse the internet and choose any influencer to collab. In this case, you are not clear with his audience insight and any details about this influencer. You are wasting your money and time on a wild-goose chase.

When choosing influencers, brands need to use data analytics to clearly understand the force of publicity of the influencer. Brands should not use an influencer followers count to determine their engagement rate. Many websites can check influencer engagement rates, but each site has a different algorithm to count the engagement rates, you can choose the most algorithm that you believe in.

Besides, you can ask smart questions to know more about influencer followers’ attributes, such as geography, age, language, country, race, etc. This will let you know more about influencer audience persona, so you can choose the influencer who suits your product user persona to promote your brand. This will be more effective and accurate dissemination to target customers.

Brands need to choose to work with active influencers. If influencers do not provide value to their followers, they will lose attention. In order not to let followers lose attention to influencers, the active level of the influencer is very important. By checking influencer publication date and time, interactions with followers, how often he reply to followers’ comments, how often he posts story… to decides whether he is an active influencer.

It is also very important to compare the price of influencers. Each influencer has a different rate, you need to compare their rate, engagement rate, audience insight, and choose the most suited your brand to collab. Try to find those who are cost-effective influencers. At present, there are still hundreds of thousands of nano or micro-influencers, this kind of influencers have a more accurate, corresponding segmented market. Most importantly, it can meet the promotion budget and requirements of some small advertisers.

Last but not least, brands need to evaluate the traffic performance of influencers in the last week or month. Maybe some influencer traffic performance is high in previous, but the recent performance decline, then you need to consider more.

High-quality influencer marketing is a win-win-win strategy: influencers get payment or product; followers recognize a good brand; brands gain exposure and transformation.

It is also the difficulty and core of influencer marketing. The cooperation between brands and influencers should not only build brand image or promote products and services but also develop the influencer’s own influence and the scale of commercialization.

Therefore, influencer marketing seems simple, but if you want to do good and do well, there is still a lot of work to be polished.

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