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Why Influencer Marketing Is So Important In Today's Digital World?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

In today's digital-first world, influencers wield greater power in all areas of interest and influencer marketing is having a significant impact on modern marketers' strategies. According to Business Insider, the influencer marketing market is expected to reach $15 billion by 2022. If you're not yet convinced of the benefits of Influencer Marketing, keep reading as you will know about some brands that have benefited from this strategy.

Social media = Daily routines

The growing influence of Generation Z, is an important factor in the evolving market. 40% of internet users spend at least three hours every day on social media, consuming, creating content, and looking for inspiration. They willingly follow the people present in it in whom they have trust.

What is your Right story? Right people? Right place?

Native content that has a huge impact by influencers/creators. More shares and comments are generated by compelling, engaging stories than by deals and product reviews. For instance, a health brand could engage influencers to write a post that motivates the reader to stay healthy and live a long, active life. This content is extremely engaging for readers, authentic for the blogger, and connects the health brand sponsor to a genuine health-related conversation among a large audience.

Traffic and followers are only valuable to the extent that the influencer is reaching your brand’s target audience. Promote your brand on social media platforms and on the community pages where you want to do business. Determine how your product or service adapts to the lifestyle of your target audience. From there, inspire their followers. For example, if you own a hotel chain, a travel influencer with a small reach is more influential than a fashion influencer with a large number of unique viewers.

Influencer has impacted businesses

Influencers create native ads that are more relatable to consumer's lifestyles, which help ad performance and overall conversion boosting.

  • Influencer content is ideal for sharing across brand-owned social accounts. Reposting influencer content can help to build trust and attract the audience of the influencer.

  • Influencers are still able continued to create high-performing content from home during the pandemic restrictions.

  • Brands increase organic shares by tagging relevant influencers when promoting their content.

In conclusion

Brands collaborate with influencers to increase social media engagement, create exceptional content, and build strong backlinks to their website. Change your perspective and start building an influencer marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and engagement.

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