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Campaign Objective: Traffic . Conversions

Content Direction

Exploring trending and relevant topics to ignite conversations within the targeted audience, coupled with relatable everyday scenarios, creates a powerful blend that enhances engagement within the targeted community. This approach not only captivates attention but also establishes a connection, making it seamless to introduce and promote branded content effectively.


Campaign Objective: Awareness, App Install

Proposed Content:

B2C: Want to buy a new car but you’re on a tight budget? However you’re not sure that second hand cars would be worth it? Try Carsome - they do a thorough check on every second hand car and they will be like brand new when you buy them.


Proposed Content:

Cockroach infested car! Ewwww! For my girlfriend I would just sell this car and buy a brand new one! Where to sell my old car? Carsome of course!

KOL: @james_alatin

Followers: 224.7k

KOL: @mu.nami

Followers: 266.7k

KOL: @oliviavia1999

Followers: 830.9k

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