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Food Panda



Campaign Objective: Traffic . Conversions

Content Direction

Our core strategy revolves around shedding light on the real-life struggles encountered by our target audience, presenting identifiable problems, and offering clear, practical solutions through our videos. Our content will be straightforward and concise, focusing on addressing common challenges in a relatable manner. Each video will conclude with a compelling Call to Action (CTA), guiding the audience towards taking the necessary steps to enhance client engagement and prompt app installations. This approach not only connects with viewers on a personal level but also provides valuable solutions, making our content both informative and actionable.


Campaign Objective:App Install, Conversions

Proposed Content:

Malaysia: How could my mom only bring one pack of Nasi Lemak? She remembers my brother but not me??? 🙁Good thing there’s FoodPanda, or else I would’ve gone hungry!

Proposed Content:

Taiwan: Mr. Foo treats me better than my boyfriend! Whenever I’m craving food, he gives me so many selections and will always deliver them to me in within 25 minutes. Who is Mr Foo? Food Panda of course!

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