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4 Common Ways to Collaborate with Influencers

Let us talk about common ways to cooperate with influencers:

1. Unbox and Evaluate

Find an influencer with high relevance to your brand, and contact him or her to negotiate cooperation, and advance your request, hope he or she can make an unboxing video. The common way of collaborating with nano influencers is by sending them free products. Micro and macro-influencers, sometimes they will ask for payment and free products.

There are two types of influencers: some influencers want you to provide copywriting for their videos, so they can promote your product advantages only, while others want honest reviews of themselves, not advertising. Both approaches are acceptable. The first is more advertising in nature, the second is more real.

2. Giveaway

To gain a foothold in the market, brands must first impress consumers. There are thousands of brands in the market, which brand awareness strategy will get the best result?

A widely used strategy to gain brand awareness is constantly reminding the audience of brand information, raffles or discount coupons are the best way to do it.

Influencers spread the giveaway activity and encourage their followers to share this activity to participate in the giveaway. Winners receive products/services and can also provide feedback on the brand and recommend them to their friends and family. It is another wave of promotion.

3. Brand Ambassador

21% of Malaysians said social media had a greater influence on their shopping decision. Of those surveyed, more than half (54%) named Facebook as the most influential, followed by Instagram(19%). (Data source: HKTDC Research)

People trust brands that are recommended by influencers. When influencers become brand ambassadors, they will regularly introduce the brand's products and spread the brand's image. In turn, their followers will inadvertently begin to identify with the brand, and the presence of the ambassador increases the brand's stability in the minds of users.

4. Account Takeover

Instead of constantly trying to create engaging content, you can partner with influencers to take over accounts.

Takeover account is a relatively new type of influencer collaboration, in which an influencer takes over your brand account on social media platforms and posts content on your behalf.

Or you can ask influencers to send you caption content along with pictures so you can post on their behalf.

How long you take over your account depends on your cooperation with influencers.

Last but not least, always choose the influencer that highly match your brand's image! Understanding the influencer engagement rate and niche before you cooperate with them.

Still not sure how to start?

Colevent has a huge database of influencers. We connect with 5000++ influencers, and we have met many quality influencers that have these features below:-

  1. Have a good attitude, respond to messages and submit content on time

  2. Create high-quality content & copywriting

  3. Real followers, real engagement, real promotion

  4. No need sky-high promotion fees

What are you waiting for? Contact us to better spread the brand reputation!

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