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What is the successful result of social media marketing? A result of our previous campaign.

It depends on your social media goal.

Our previous campaign that held in 2021 December. This campaign objective is to create brand awareness and promote the soft launch of this new outlet.


Campaign Deliverable

4 Micro-Influencers (30k followers and above)

1 IG Story + 1 IG Feed Photo

Content Direction

IG Story

  • The Story will be taken by influencers themselves during event day

  • Showcase the shop's environment/ brands

  • Check-In Location

  • Tag @brandig

IG Feed Photo

  • Product and brand name will be shown in the Feed Photo.

  • Check-In Location

  • Tag @brandig

Influencer Criteria

This brand is yogurt drinks located in Puchong, it promotes a healthy attitude to life, their target audience age is about 18 – 25.

Based on their user persona, we find influencers’ who locate near Puchong, and their audience insight suits this brand to promote the product, this will be more effective and accurate dissemination to target customers.

Influencer Category: Lifestyle, Energetic

Age: 18 -25 years old

Target Audience: Puchong

Campaign Report

*Data are collected after 24 hours from the posting date.

Archived Audience Reach – 55,990

Archived Audience Impression – 64,529

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