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Influencer Marketing + Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

In the pass few years, we have seen the growth of social media. According to DIGITAL 2022: GLOBAL OVERVIEW REPORT, there are 4.62 billion social media users around the world in January 2022. This figure is equal to 58.4 percent of the world's total population. These people inevitably look up to influencers on social media to guide their decisions.

Influencer marketing is not surprising in today's society. Brands use influencers to create trends and increase engagement in a receptive audience. Influencers are more authentic, they can convey brand messages in ways that advertisers cannot. The increased use of ad blockers has undermined the effectiveness of online advertising. However, ad blocking doesn't affect influencers because their messages are delivered through picket lines, so people will follow them.

(ig @liz_goo) (ig @ysn.9_) (ig @mickeyyy520) (ig @sofeaorked) (ig @zanaziz_)

How AR will change influencer marketing?

Nowadays, social media becoming a more and more competitive space for brands, every new trend is seen as a potential game changer. AR is an opportunity to provide customers with an interactive, out-of-the-box experience. AR are becoming mainstream media faster than you realize. As well as the fast emergence of social media, it challenges businesses to “stay up-to-date or die”.

Although the technology is developing fast, AR technologies relatively new to the influencer marketing realm. Yet marketers will surely become hand in glove with this new form of communication. It’s expected to become part of the larger bandwagon that drives influencer marketing.

A way of “AR + Influencer Marketing”

In “AR marketing, a new choice for marketing!” we have provided an example of the transmission effectiveness of a filter.

From time to time, influencer or celebrities post interesting selfies on social media, and even set off a wave of face-changing photos. Most of these featured selfies use IG AR filter, which allows fun virtual effects to be superimposed on real-world images as soon as the user turns on the camera filter inside the mobile App.

Some examples of IG filters used by celebrities or influencers, and some famous filter used by cyber citizen:

( by basphi) (!)Glitter pack by re_mini_scene) (lip matte by mspuiyicosmetics) (devil by mueeha) (999 from selenegomez) (I’m Feeling 2022 from taylorswift)

Today, AR filters have become an important weapon for social platforms to compete for users.

To help push the filter forward, IG's parent company, Facebook, has launched software to help users create their own filters. Facebook has launched Spark AR Studio, which provides prototypes for basic effects such as 2D and 3D textures, face decoration, color filters, makeup, and face masks to help users create AR filters.

Using AR filters for AD placement is an interesting way to build a connection between a brand's business and its users.

(@cocacola) (@pepsi) (@nestle.malaysia) (@fanta) (@liptonicetea)

A very creative AR filter, can maximize the stimulation of the user experience; Brand first-time filter spread can use the formation of a wave of celebrities, influencer’s fans keep up with their admirers, fans of fans, friends of friends will share this filter again and again...The ability to apply the filter with a single click and share it with their friends helps cause social fission and ultimately good distribution!

An AR Filter Insight Result: AR marketing, a new choice for marketing!

Colevent can not only customize filters for you, but also search for suitable influencers according your brand position, convert traffic into sales!

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