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An Insights of our nano-influencer campaign.

Today, it is generally accepted that having a large follower means having a real influence on people. However, the words of a small influencer can have a bigger impact than someone with hundreds or thousands of followers. This may sound surprising, right?

Nano-influencers are Instagram users who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers.

Nano-influencers’ audiences are small, niche, and highly engaged. “Everyone who’s on Instagram has that friend who is just really popular and is racking up ‘likes’ and comments and has great content,” as explained in a recent New York Times story.

They give the feeling of being “a people who live next door.”

Why you should work with nano-influencers?


The life of a nano-influencer is simple. They do not get approached by thousands of brands daily. Besides, the majority of their followers are often real people who know them – friends or family. Partnering with them gives your brand an authentic feel.


According to State of Influencer Marketing 2019 by HypeAuditor, the engagement rate of nano-influencers is twice as high as other groups of influencers. In addition, nano-influencers charge a smaller fee.

Is influencer marketing work? 5 Tips to collab with influencers.

SHAREit Campaign

Our previous campaign that held in 2022 February. This campaign objective is to create brand awareness and promote SHAREit upcoming campaign.

Campaign Deliverable

150 nano-influencers (Average 1,000 - 2,000 followers)

  • 1 Feed Photo

  • 7 days link in bio

Content Direction

  • Influencers will need to download SHAREit App.

  • Feed photo will be showing the home screen of SHAREiT App.

  • The caption will include the campaign details, SHAREit app functionality, and referral link.

  • hashtag #SHAREitinvitationevent

  • tag @bestshareit

Campaign Timeline

19 FEB 2022

​Our team started to brief influencers regarding the posting details.

21 FEB 2022

​All influencers started to do posting.

5 MARCH 2022

​All influencers are expected to have done their feed postings.

Audience Reach


Audience Impression


*Posting impression data are collected

after 24 hours from the posting date.

What is the successful result of social media marketing? A result of our previous campaign.


Let's Work Together

We are connecting with more than 5,000 Influencers/Content Creators across Malaysia. Over the past 2 years, we have collaborated with more than 200 brands in boosting their brand with Content Marketing.

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