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  • Izzie Koh

What are the factors that determine an influencer's rate card?

We already talk about 5 tips to collaborate with influencers in our previous article, and now this article will tell you how to determine an influencer's rate.

1. Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a very key factor when choosing a cooperative influencer because it will affect the result of publicity effect of the brand. Then how to calculate an influencer engagement rate?

Due to each platform algorithm, influencers' engagement rate will effect by their own followers count. For example, Instagram generally is quite normal for an engagement rate of 2 - 3% on influencers' posts, a rate of 4 - 6% is excellent.

Besides, you can use the more convenient way, using a website that automatically checks influencers' engagement rates. But each website has its own calculation method, you can choose the method that you believe in. (Google search: influencer engagement rate checking)

2. Content Quality

You can look at the past posts of the influencer, to check the quality of their photos and videos. In addition, you can also check the influencer page to see what feeling this influencer gives to you. It is important to check out how the influencer promotes a brand. A great influencer AD posting will let their audience feels real and is easy to digest. Below are some examples:

3. Compare

After screening all the influencer content, you can make a list of all influencers that you wish to collaborate with and dm or email their price rate. After collecting the price of all influencers, pick a price of each influencer you think you can afford, then negotiate with those influencers.

It’s important to invest your time in influencer mapping before hiring the influencer! Choosing the right influencer for your brand is crucial for brand perception and performance.

Now that you have a better sense of influencer rate, learn more about influencer marketing process, and check out a result of our previous influencer marketing campaign.

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