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AR marketing, a new choice for marketing!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The arrival of AR technology means that we will bid farewell to traditional marketing methods.

AR technology improves consumer experience and brand image. In this new era of technological sense, what value can AR bring to the brand?

1.What is AR Marketing?

AR, Augmented Reality, is the combination of virtual and Reality. 3D filters on Facebook and Instagram are also a form of AR.

(vitual product by colevent) (长辈图 by tuotuo_0710) (moschino baby by whxredon) (toonface by chmnda)

(Fisheye by Instagram) (Pelangi by Kharees by khareezkasbulah) (I Red by finofinissimo) (My Tiny Army by Instagram)

These AR filters can be games, stickers, items, etc. Through AR filter, users can better interact with the brand.

AR marketing, as the name implies, is a combination of AR and marketing.

AR provides unlimited space for advertising. Merchants no longer need to use paper, plastic and other communication media to convey advertising information. Brands can create high-quality marketing content, by linking online and offline for their products only through the AR function of existing social software.

(pop-up store concept by colevent) (iPhone 13 by zacwzd) (Cookie by kym_fiala) (Lobster Mac&Cheese by qreal3d)

AR integrates into people's life with a new way of entertainment and information interaction, which not only has a wider range of promotion, but also enrich brand marketing methods.

2. AR Marketing Benefits

Augmented Reality Statistic

AR enhance the user experience - Users do not need to buy physical items or go to the site, as they can use their smartphone’s camera and enjoy the ride. It also help user to make purchase decisions.

(10th Aniversary by sephora) (Tribales Pop by Dior) (CARREENTRELACE byhermes) (RB Stories by rayban)

AR provide engaging and branded interaction – AR changed the experience from 2D into creative 3D. The primary goal of such creative interaction is entertainment, but at the same time it also attracts new users and get their attention.

(Collect The Merry by mystarbuck) (IT TAKES 2 by chanelofficial) (Mythical Ear by burberry) (Fendace by Fendi)

3. Insights Review - A result of IG Filter

On December 29, 2021, we released a New Year's filter, CNY 2022.

So far in 64 days, the filter has reached 649700 people, 38900 people have opened and used the filter, and 9700 people have forwarded the filter. In those 64 days, we didn't use ads on filter boosting, it was a person-to-person effect.

The effect of this filter on brand communication can be seen.

Want to know more about AR marketing? Whatsapp us now at Check out our website here.

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