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Lead generation and web conversion campaigns






Creative Exchange

Fulfilling campaign goal of driving new leads

With the new creatives, and by engaging creators to create engaging videos, CARSOME was able to connect with its target audiences in an authentic way. With these refreshed creative assets, CARSOME managed to increase its click-through rate by 0.04% and its conversion rate by 0.22%, fulfilling its campaign goal of driving new leads through the TikTok platform.

The Results

Higher CVR

Higher CTR


Lower CPL

Increasing conversion rate of lead generation campaign.

The Objective

CARSOME Group is a leading integrated car e-commerce platform that operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. It was founded in 2015 with the aim of digitizing the traditional used car buying and selling process by leveraging technology and providing a convenient and transparent experience for both buyers and sellers. CARSOME wanted to increase the conversion rate of its lead generation campaign, driving leads on its website through TikTok.

Creating new and engaging assets for performance campaigns at scale.

The Solution

CARSOME knew that it was important to have new creatives for a successful performance campaign. As part of their efforts to broaden the Company’s creative assets and ensure minimal ad fatigue, CARSOME turned to TikTok Creative Exchange partner Colevent for innovative solutions. The CARSOME team worked closely with Colevent to look at the existing creatives they were using and found ways to create new, engaging creative assets for their performance campaigns.

Through Colevent, they also managed to engage four Malaysian creators to help produce ads for the campaign. The ads featured humor and other elements that showcased available cars and further emphasized CARSOME's credentials as a car trading platform. The use of creators helped CARSOME engage with a younger target audience on TikTok. Once the videos were created, they were then promoted as Spark Ads on TikTok to gain additional traction. Spark Ads allows brands to boost the organic posts of other creators as In-Feed Ads. The use of organic content as ads allowed CARSOME to further boost its brand image and brand trust with users.

We are thrilled to share our remarkable collaboration with CARSOME Malaysia. Our approach to this campaign was rooted in a commitment to delivering cutting-edge strategies that resonate with the audiences. Working closely with the CARSOME Malaysia team and TikTok representatives was an absolute pleasure, and our collaboration with them has been both productive and inspiring.

Nurul Wardah

Project Manager Colevent

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